Our History

Our Origin

Churches, as described in the New Testament, are composed of people. A church is not a building in which people meet nor is it an organization that people join, like the YMCA. The churches established by Paul and Barnabas during their first journey (Acts 14:23) were people who had obeyed the gospel and became disciples (Acts 14:21).

How were these churches identified? Paul described several groups of disciples as “churches of Christ” (Rom. 16:16). This was an appropriate description because these groups of people (churches) belonged to Christ in a special way. Jesus had saved them when they obeyed the gospel. As a result, they were dedicated to Him and His teaching.

How do we authenticate our claim to be a “church of Christ?” We do not attempt to establish historical links with churches that existed in the first century. Rather, our “proof” is our close adherence to the principles Jesus and His apostles taught. This is the only basis for any group to claim to be “of Christ.” It includes:

  • Our personal conduct in speech, action and attitude
  • The kind of worship we offer in our public services
  • Recognition of God’s will in His plan for our salvation and for our fellowship in His service
  • In short, the teaching of Jesus and His apostles is a guide for all aspects of our relationship with God through Christ.


A Brief History of Northern Oaks Church of Christ

An original group of 42 faithful members of the church of Christ was organized to form a sound, scriptural congregation to be located in this geographic area. Our first building at this location was completed in January 1990. When our membership had outgrown the smaller, original building, our new building with classrooms and a larger auditorium was begun in 1993. The original building continues to be used for offices, Bible classes and fellowship activities.