Our Mission Works

Northern Oaks Church of Christ contributes to the support of missionaries in various foreign countries. These missionaries provide this congregation with information on their activities in various ways, like newsletters, bulletins, written reports, computer communications, and in-person presentations when visiting us here in San Antonio. Copies of newsletters and bulletins, as well as selected photographs and articles are available in our foyer on the bulletin boards and table to inform the congregation of missionary activities. Prayers for the success and well being by congregational prayer givers and individuals are encouraged. Without exception the missionaries reporting to Northern Oaks Church of Christ indicate their gratitude and their prayerful and loving regard for our congregation.

Insight International – Glynn Langston

One of the most remarkable missions supported is Insight International. The director is Glynn Langston of Carencro, Louisiana. Blind from birth, Glynn, a native Texan, is highly educated, and speaks several languages. Glynn’s vision is to make free biblical literature and audio cassettes available to the more visually impaired wherever his mission takes him so that more blind souls can know and respond to the Lord.

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Gary Fallis

Gary Fallis has preached for over 40 years and has worked with schools of preaching for the last 22 years. He served as a teacher and the Administrator of the Brown Trail School of Preaching from 1987-2002. He has been a Coordinator for the Extension Program of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver since 2002. Gary served as the Coordinator of the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha, Tanzania from 2002-2007. He also was the Dean of the Graduate School in Arusha. Since 2007 Gary has served as the Coordinator of all the Graduate Schools in the Extension Program. There are now graduate schools in East Africa, Nigeria, Panama, Peru and India. A graduate program is planned for Ghana and Guatemala. The purpose of the graduate program is to train the teachers of the preaching schools and church leaders for each country. Gary has received both the Master of Biblical Arts and the Master of Divinity degrees. He and his wife, Sarah, attend the Bridgewood Church of Christ in Fort Worth, Texas, which also serves as his sponsoring congregation. He has made 25 foreign mission trips since 2002.

Old Harbour Church of Christ, Jamaica – Winston Bembridge

We also support Winston Bembridge in Old Harbour, Jamaica. Winston was born on the island of Jamaica. He became a Christian in 1971 and began preaching school at the age of 20. He attended Jamaica School of Preaching and Biblical Studies for 4 years and graduated in 1978. (Prior to attending the School of Preaching, Winston attended St. George’s College Extension School.) Winston received his B.S. degree from Southern Christian University in Alabama. He has been preaching full time for the Old Harbour church since 1986. Members from Northern Oaks Church of Christ have gone down to Jamaica and worked with Winston from time to time in various capacities.

India – Burma Evangelism – Dean Crutchfield

Brother Crutchfield has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years. He gave up local work in 1982 to devote full time to the work in India. Due to Indian visa regulations he spends six months in India and six months in the USA each year. He works extensively in India preaching the gospel, teaching in the South India Bible College and area preacher training schools, and seeing after six orphans and widows homes. While in the States he spends most of his time reporting to supporting congregations and seeking additional support. He also conducts gospel meetings. His wife, Mary, faithfully takes care of correspondence, banking, and many other things while he is in India. Brother Crutchfield is available to visit your congregation and tell you about the many wonderful opportunities to preach the gospel in India.

The Church of Christ India Fund – 21 Students

The Church of Christ India Fund supports some 226 Indian preachers who are at work trying to teach and convert their fellow countrymen. The preachers are supported by Northern Oaks Church of Christ. The preachers receive bicycles and lanterns and a small stipend to enable them to reach more people with the Gospel. The Indian evangelists often work with evangelists from the United States holding meetings, conducting schools and other teaching activities attended by the natives. The efforts of these natives and U.S. evangelists have resulted in the conversion of many precious souls. Northern Oaks Church of Christ supports ten of these preacher students.

In Search of the Lord’s Way – Mack Lyon & Philip Sanders

You can watch In Search of the Lord’s Way every Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. on KCWX channel 2 (same channel for all satellite TV, however, Time Warner is channel 4 for KCWX). In Search of the Lord’s Way is the television outreach ministry of the Edmond church of Christ in Edmond, OK. As of September 1, 2010, the SEARCH program is beginning its 31st year of continual broadcast. Having begun on one small TV station, we are now seen on 76 Broadcast stations, 205 cable and public access stations, 45 radio stations and 2 satellite networks.

 Cherokee Home for Children

 Their mission and purpose is: To provide a Christian Home environment for children dependent upon others for care. To promote their growth physically, emotionally, educationally, and spiritually. To develop the child in the teaching of God’s word. To guide the young person toward a devoted life of good citizenship in the world and ultimately in the Kingdom of God.

Southwest School of Bible Studies – 5 Students

 One of the most far-reaching parts of the work at the Southwest church of Christ is the Southwest School of Bible Studies. The school is under the oversight of the elders and the very capable direction of Rick Brumback, who also teaches many hours each week. Tuition is free to qualified men, women, and young people who want to increase their knowledge of the Bible. The school trains, either with or without college credit, all who earnestly desire to extend their Bible knowledge in order to serve as prepared preachers, elders, deacons, Bible class teachers or Christian parents. The graduates of this school are well trained and equipped to go into the fields of the world “seeking the lost”.